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What is a manufactured home?

A manufactured home is a single-family house constructed in a controlled setting. It is built to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, better known as the HUD Code.

What are the Advantages of Manufactured Housing?

Price – A new manufactured home can average anywhere from 10 to 35 percent less than a comparable site-built home, excluding land costs.

Quality Control – Since your home is built in a factory there are many quality control benefits including the elimination of weather delays and/or damage to materials, and providing continual inspections on the line by several different inspectors to name a few.

Amenities – In todays’ manufactured homes, many of the standard features found in site-built homes can be replicated. You have the opportunity to choose appliances, carpet colors, counter top materials and colors. Also, you have the ability to choose different floor plans or even possibly manipulate a floor plan to your personal design.

How is a Manufactured Home different from a site-built home?

A Manufactured Home is built entirely in the factory and subject to the HUD Code Standards whereas a site-built home is built at the site and subject to local and/or state building codes. A Manufactured Home is built with the same materials as a site-built home which allows for a more “controlled” environment.

Can I customize my home?

There are many floor plans available with standard features that can be expanded. A sales associate can assist you with this option.

How big of a home can I purchase?

While Manufactured Homes come in all different sizes, we do have lot restrictions in regards to size. Please contact a sales associate for more details.

Is my Home going to be safe in a hurricane or tornado?

There are many steps taken during the set up of a home to ensure that there will any weather related catastrophes are minimized. All homes are built in accordance with the HUD Code based on where the home is going to be located.